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Participatory Educational Research

Volume 5, Issue, 1

Cover Pages The Process and Forms of Labelling Learners in Zimbabwean Schools: A Challenge, ERIC Number: ED584409 Manuel Rwodzi, Norma Nel, Soezin Krog 1-16 Student Engagement, Retention, and Motivation: Assessing Academic Success in Today’s College Students, ERIC Number: ED585863 Gail D. Caruth 17-30 Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes of Self -Efficacy Oriented by Research-Inquiry, ERIC Number: ED583490 Cansu […]

Volume 4, Issue, 2

Cover Pages  Improving English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Learners’ ICT Literacy Skills through Digital Storytelling Emrah Ekmekçi  1-9 An Analysis of the Methods and Techniques Used by the Teachers in English Lesson at Primary Schools in Turkey Ekrem SOLAK, Gamze ERDEM  10-17 Googleable or Non-Googleable Topics for Writing Assignments?  İsmail YAMAN  18-24 A Shift […]

Volume 4, Issue, 1

Cover Pages Evaluation Of Constructivist Learning Approach Through Experimental Studies  Gürbüz Ocak, İjlal Ocak, Serkan Boyraz  1-8 A Look At Constructivist Approach (Through Studies In Ulakbim) Gürbüz Ocak, İjlal Ocak, Serkan Boyraz 9-17 Determining the Level of Using Smartphone in Education: Giresun Education Faculty Sample Pınar ÖZTÜRK GENİŞ, Aykut Emre BOZDOĞAN, Zehra AKTAŞ 18-25 Development of […]

Vol 3, Issue 3, December 2016

  TABLE OF CONTENTS   Teacher Roles in Primary School Mathematics Curricula of the Republican Period  Ayşe Öztürk & Mehmet Fatih ÖZMANTAR 1-19 Student’s beliefs about using worked–example based video podcast in mathematics courses  Serpil Yorgancı 20-35 Critical Thinking Dispositions of Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers  Serpil Yorgancı 36-46 Gaining Insights into Preparatory School […]

Vol 3, Issue 2, August 2016

  Cover Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS   Motivation, Learning, and Technology: Applying the ARCS-V Motivation Model  John M. Keller 1-15 Teachers’ Struggling in the Midst of Reform: Teachers’ Implementation of Reformed Ninth Grade Physics Curriculum  Nuri Balta, Ayşegül sağlam Arslan 16-33 Examination of the Argumentation Processes of Classroom Teachers Participating in On-the-job Training […]


  Cover Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS    Rational Emotive Behavior Based on Academic Procrastination Prevention Training Programme of Effectiveness  İhsan Düşmez  & Yaşar Barut 1-13 Investigation the Technology Usage Level of Teacher Candidates  Agah Tugrul Korucu, Ahmet Yucel, Mustafa M. Gundogdu & Tarik Gencturk 14-21 The Analysis of New Generation Mobile Device Dependencies of Students […]

Special Issue 2016-II

TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Pages   An Analysis of Prospective Chemistry Teachers’ Attitudes towards Information and Communication Technologies, and of Their Confidence in Technological and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Şenol ŞEN, Senar TEMEL 1-10 The Relationships Between Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Literacy Self Efficacy Beliefs, Metacognitive Awareness And Problem Solving Skills Özlem ÖZÇAKIR SÜMEN ,  Hamza […]

Special Issue 2016-I

TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Pages   Integrating Edmodo into Foreign Language Classes as an Assessment Tool Emrah EKMEKÇİ 1-11 Fun teaching !  Fun Tech-ing !   Interactive Educational games for Young  Learners Müfit ŞENEL, Deren BAŞAK AKMAN 12-21 The ELT Preparatory Class Students’ Strategy Using Profiles and Attitudes towards Foreign Language Learning: Amasya University […]

Special Issue 2015-II

TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Pages Research of Distance Education Students Cloud Perceptions and Use Cases Hakan KÖR, Hasan ERBAY, Emre DEMİR 1-9 Effects of Using the Scratch Program in 6th Grade Information Technologies Courses on Algorithm Development and Problem Solving Skills Ali OLUK, Fatih SALTAN 10-20 A Content Analysis of Virtual Reality Studies […]

Vol 2, Issue 3, December 2015

Full PDF for Volume 2, Issue 2 Cover Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS Development of Technological Efficacy via an E-learning Programme: South African Parliament Employees Fikile Mbuli & Norma R. A. Romm 1-13 Teaching and Learning Sociolinguistic Competence: Teachers’ Critical Perceptions Enisa Mede & Kenan Dikilitaş 14-31 Effects of Learning Cycle Model in Preschool […]