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ERIC Metrics Report Generated for: Participatory Educational Research

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Participatory Educational Research4,4697,383
Pursuing STEM Careers: Perspectives of Senior High School Students
Use of Educational Technology in Special Education: Perceptions of Teachers
The Challenging Behaviors Faced by the Preschool Teachers in Their Classrooms, and the Strategies and Discipline Approaches Used against These Behaviors: The Sample of United States
Parenting Styles as a Predictor of the Preschool Children’s Social Behaviours
The Mediator Effect of Reading Comprehension in the Relationship between Logical Reasoning and Word Problem Solving
Investigation of the Relationship between Perception of Supervisor Support, Perceived School Effectiveness, Work Engagement, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Cynic Attitude of Teachers
The Effect of Gamification Activities on Students’ Academic Achievements in Social Studies Course, Attitudes towards the Course and Cooperative Learning Skills
The Effect of Technology Integration in Education on Prospective Teachers’ Critical and Creative Thinking, Multidimensional 21st Century Skills and Academic Achievements
The Effect of Using Out-of-School Learning Environments in Science Teaching on Motivation for Learning Science
Motivation in the Classroom