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Participatory Educational Research

Volume 7, Issue 1


Cover Pages 
INVITED ARTICLE: Eliciting Children’s/Young People’s (Group) Engagement with Scenarios as Participatory Research Practice for Exploring and Extending Responses to Climate Change
Norma R.A. Romm
The Effect of Gamification Activities on Students’ Academic Achievements in Social Studies Course, Attitudes towards the Course and Cooperative Learning Skills
Çilem Öztürk, Özgen Korkmaz
Determining the Mistakes of Secondary School Mathematics Teachers in Operation Priority
Tayfun Tutak, Ahmet Burak Süzen, İbrahim Enam İnan
The Experiences, Opinions and Suggestions of Special Education Teachers Regarding Leisure Time Activities Chosen by Students with Intellectual Disability
Müzeyyen Eldeniz Çetin, Evrim Çay
The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy in the Relationship between Problem Solving and Hope
Zekeriya Çam, Mustafa Eşkisu, Ferhat Kardaş, Özkan Saatçioğlu, Sedat Gelibolu
A Self-Study on The Values and Beliefs of Science Teachers and Their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Applications
İsmail Dönmez, Mehmet Fatih Taşar
Turkish culture in the metaphors and drawings by learners of Turkish as a foreign language
Gökçen Göçen, Akif Yavuz Özdemirel
The Effect of Deduction and Induction Methods Used in Modelling Current Environmental Issues with System Dynamics Approach in Science Education
Hasret Nuhoğlu
Evaluation as an Opportunity for Reflection: Stakeholder View of Teacher Performance
Hasan Tabak
The Effect of Using Out-of-School Learning Environments in Science Teaching on Motivation for Learning Science
Halil İbrahim Yıldırım
An Evaluation on the Advantage and Disadvantage of Revolution History Teaching in Turkey in Light of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Views on the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life
Bülent Akbaba
What are the Factors that Affect the Motivation of Digital Gamers?
Neşe Sevim Çırak, Osman Erol
Investigating the Effects of Web-Based Science Material for Guided Inquiry Approach on Information and Communication Skills of Students
Ümmühan Ormancı, Salih Çepni
The relationship between prospective middle school mathematics teachers’ critical thinking skills and reflective thinking skills
Fatma Erdoğan
An investigation into the opinions of pre-service teachers toward uses of digital storytelling in literacy education
Gül Özdüdoğru, Hasan Çakır
Self- efficacy beliefs of pre-service teachers in teaching First Reading and Writing and Mathematics
Dilara Yılmaz, Hakan Turan