About PER

PER is an open access journal that publishes high-quality articles, in English. All articles published in PER will be peer-reviewed.

PER will be published six times a year (one volume per year), in January, March, May, July, September, and November starting from 2022.

Articles that do not comply with the Per’s rules, without using PER’s template, whose similarity is above 15%, which handle a single dependent variable and are longer than necessary will not be evaluated.

2022 Dergipark Statistics

Acceptance Rate (%7.40)

#Submission TypeAccepted Count Rejected Count Returned Count Rejection Ratio Acceptance Ratio
1Research Article9150913%85%15
2Case Report050%100%0
4Review Article3260%90%10
5Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis6431%88%12


Time Statistics

StatisticNumber of Articles CalculatedAverage Time (Day)
Article Submission – Withdraw:248
Article Submission – Return:1439
Article Submission – First Editor Assignment:2908
First Editor Assignment – Acception Decision Statistic
Peer review:97133
Non peer review:00
First Editor Assignment – Rejection Decision Statistic
Peer review:34121
Non peer review:13713
Article Submission – Acception Decision Statistic
Peer Review:97147
Non Peer Review:00
Article Submission – Rejection Decision Statistic
Peer Review:34124
Non Peer Review:5508