ISSN: 2148-6123

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Participatory Educational Research

Volume 11, Issue 3


Cover Pages 

The Opportunities for Mathematical Reasoning Skills That Teachers Provide for Their Students in The Learning Environment

Tuba Öz, Ahmet Işık

Visual Arts Self-Efficacy and Professional Attitudes: A Deep Dive into Pre-Service Primary Teachers’ Perspectives

Gülcan Erden Kocaarslan, Martina Riedler Eryaman

The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy in The Relationship Between Self-Determination Motive and Academic Engagement Among Undergraduate Students

Thaer Ghbari, Ghaleb Albadareen, Rana Al-smadi, Jalal Damra, Nizar Shammout

Conflict and Collaboration: Co-Teaching Dynamics in Bilingual Private Schools

Melike Aslı Baran, Nihan Demirkasımoğlu

The Effects of Digital Educational Games on Secondary School Students’ Attitudes Towards Elective English Class and on Increasing Their English Listening Skills and Vocabulary

Kevser Tevetoğlu, Özgen Korkmaz

The Effect of the Story Completion Technique on Creative Writing Skills

Ayfer Şahin, Yağmur Dönmez

The effects of Teaching Practices Based on Biomimicry Approach on Learning-Teaching Processes

Oktay Cem Adıgüzel, Sibel Küçükkayhan, Dilruba Kürüm Yapıcıoğlu, Derya Atik Kara

Digital Transformation in Science Education: Teachers’ Self-Efficacy of Distance Learning and Blended Learning Experiences

Hasret Nuhoğlu, D. Bahar Şahin Sarkın, Sevim Aşiroğlu

Situating a Prism to See ‘All Colors’: Evaluations of the E-school System in Türkiye from the Perspective of Educational Equity

Pınar Ayyıldız

The Effect of Empowering Leadership Characteristics of School Principals According to Teachers’ Perceptions on Teachers’ Psychological Ownership and Work Engagement

Esra Töre, Burak Uzun

A Scale Development Study to Determine Preschool Teachers’ Perception of Gender Roles in the Classroom

Seçil Yıldız, Nefise Semra Erkan

Examining the Effect of Parental Support and Education Provided to Parents

Ahmet Şükrü Özdemir, Ahmet İnci

Data Literacy and Education: A Science Mapping Study

Çağrı Demirtaş

The Perception of Technology in Secondary School Students’ Drawings and Expressions

Ali Yalçın, Elif Alkar

The Influence of Pre-school Literacy Preparation Studies on Primary School Literacy Instruction

Cüneyit Akar, Şerife Cengiz, Mustafa Ulutaş