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Participatory Educational Research

Volume 11, Issue 4


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“This School is Part and Parcel of Myself”: Workplace Attachment Promotes Positive Affect Among Teachers through Work Engagement

Erkin Sarı, Mehmet Fatih Bükün, Cihat Yaşaroğlu

Comparing Realities: A Study on the Impact of Virtual Reality versus Paper-Based Reading on Higher Education Students’ Comprehension Skills

Murat Çoban, Arif Cem Topuz, Ahmet Karabulut, Thomas K. F. Chiu

Adaptation of the Social Media Addiction Scale into Azerbaijani Turkish: Validity and Reliability Study

Aydan Malikova, Cengiz Şahin

The Effect of Mathematics Teaching with Mobile Augmented Reality Technology on Secondary School Students’ Attitudes and Academic Achievements

Behiye Canbaz, Nursel Yalçın

Successful School Principals in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Schools: A Grounded Theory Research from Turkish Context

Ali Duran, Necati Cemaloğlu

Mathematical Modeling Self-Efficacy of Middle School and High School Students

Büşra Çaylan Ergene, Özkan Ergene

Augmented Reality in Mathematics Education: A Systematic Review

Ömer Faruk İslim, Şenol Namlı, Nese Sevim, Bilal Özçakır, Zsolt Lavicza

Fostering Safe Schools: Empowering Educators and Parents in the Fight Against Violence in Early Childhood Education Setting

Hardiyanti Pratiwi, M. Irfan Islamy, Agus Riwanda

The Effect of Computer-Supported Stem Applications on Secondary Students’ Achievement and Computational Thinking Skills

Gizem Berk, Aslan Gülcü

A Study on the Predictors of Written Expression Level of Turkish Learners as a Foreign Language

Yusuf Günaydın

Unpacking the Relationship Between Online Student Engagement and Online Self-Regulation in Higher Education

Egecan Berk Kaşikçi, Serkan İzmirli

Analysis of Articles on the Nature of Science between 2015 and 2022

Fatma Kübra Uyar, Remziye Uludağ Kırçıl, Şafak Uluçınar Sağır

Determination of Teacher Qualifications from the Perspective of Stakeholders: Rubric Development Study

Süleyman Yaman, Belgin Bal İncebacak, Aslı Sarışan Tungaç

Refining the Assessment Literacy Competence among K12 EFL Teachers

Özlem Doğan, Burcu Ünal

The effect of games on listening and speaking anxiety in learning English

Setenay Say Yağcıoğlu, Muhittin Çalışkan

TERRATUM: At the request of the authors, it was appropriate to add the attached references to the bibliography of the publication mentioned below: Mačiulienė, M., Gulevičiūtė, G., & Skaržauskienė, A. (2024). Beyond The Lecture Hall: Exploring Informal Learning Spaces as Catalysts for Interpersonal Relationships, Student Well-Being and Campus Satisfaction in Higher Education Institutions. Participatory Educational Research, 11(2), 37-56.

Monika Maciuliene, Gintarė Gulevičiūtė, Aelita Skarzauskiene